Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

Price List

LCAT01    Lutheran Catechesis, Catechist (2nd Ed.) $48
LCAT02    Lutheran Catechesis, Catechumen (2nd Ed.) $27 
LCAT12    Luther’s Small Catechism (Learn-by-Heart Version)   $2
LCAT13    Old Testament, Catechumen with catechism $5
LCAT14    New Testament, Catechumen with catechism $6
LCAT15    Old Testament, Catechist with catechism $10
LCAT16    New Testament, Catechist with catechism $11
LCAT20S   Bible Stories for Daily Prayer 10-volume set $160/$110
         without binders, subtract $5 per book  
LCAT21        BSDP  Old Testament Year I $20
LCAT22        BSDP  Old Testament Year II $20
LCAT23        BSDP  Old Testament Year III $20
LCAT24        BSDP   New Testament Year I (Matthew) $20
LCAT25        BSDP   New Testament Year II (Mark) $20
LCAT26        BSDP   New Testament Year III (Luke) $20
LCAT27        BSDP   Catechism Stories $20
LCAT28        BSDP   Church Year Stories $20
LCAT29        BSDP   John $20
LCAT30        BSDP   Acts $20
Scaer01    In Christ, Vol. I $8
Scaer02    In Christ, Vol. II $8
Preus02    Christ for Us  $15
LCAT07   Evangelical Language Card Set $25
LCAT03        Old Testament Term Cards $8
LCAT04        New Testament Term Cards $8
LCAT05        Catechism Term Cards $8
LCAT06        Miracle/Parable Cards $5
LCAT09   Learn-by-Heart Certificates $6
DVD01  “In the Stead of Christ” (on women’s ordination) $4
CDs   [specify from the list available] $5


Shipping in the United States

less than $60       $7.00
$60 to $299       12% of order
$300 to $599       actual shipping cost
$600 or more       5% of order
Priority mail       30% of order


Shipping outside the United States
actual shipping cost
(Governments may also add customs charges.)


Current prices are also listed on our sales receipt.

To order:

Contact CCA by phone or email with a list of items and quantities.
Include your name and contact information (snail-mail address, email address, and phone numbers).   If your billing address and shipping address are different, please include both and indicate which is which.

To pay by check:
Mail a check with the order form to CCA at P.O. Box 77; Sussex WI 53089.

To pay by credit card:
Email order to  Do not email credit-card information to this address.
Or call the church office with an order:
       (262) 246-3200 during office hours. 
                      Summer office hours are M-F, 8:00am to noon.
                      School-year office hours are M-F 8:00-3:45.
(If you still have our old fax number, please do not use it.  We are no longer able to receive faxes.)
We will normally email an invoice (via “Square”) where you can securely pay online.
If you don’t have email, you may phone the church office to provide credit-card information.