Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

Old Testament

Catechist and Catechumen editions

For more Old Testament stories,
consider also Bible Stories for Daily Prayer
by Pastor Fabrizius.


 Old Testament Catechesis
Catechumen Edition

by Peter C. Bender
8½” by 11” paper and comb-bound

Intended for student use.

~ 32 lessons to build a foundation of Bible knowledge
~ 184 Old Testament terms
~ Each lesson contains the title and citation of the story to be taught, the catechism portion to be learned, and the assigned terms.
~  A copy of the Learn-by-Heart edition of the Small Catechism comes with each book.

Item #LCAT13.
First edition published in 1998.
Second edition published in 2004.

Sample Lesson from catechumen edition
Sample Terms



Old Testament Catechesis
Catechist Edition

by Peter C. Bender
8½” by 11” paper and comb-bound

Intended for pastors, teachers, parents, and others.

The catechist edition includes everything that’s in the catechumen edition.  In addition, it provides a central thought, discussion questions, and summary of the Bible story for each lesson in the catechumen edition.   This material will assist the catechist in understanding the basic catechetical material that is to be imparted to the catechumen from each lesson.

Item #LCAT15.
First edition published in 2004.
Second edition published in 2008.

Table of Contents
Sample Lesson from the catechist edition
Notes to Catechist about how to catechize and how to use this material

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