Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

Bible Stories — New Testament

Three volumes

For another option for New Testament stories,
consider also New Testament Catechesis
by Pastor Bender.


Bible Stories for Daily Prayer

by Karl F. Fabrizius

available in 3-ring binders



 Year I

The Gospel of Matthew


74 stories
published 2008

The stories in this volume cover the words and works of Jesus from just after His baptism up to the beginning of His passion.  The stories of our Lord’s birth, suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension are contained in the companion volume, Church Year Stories.

Table of Contents for Matthew


Year II

The Gospel of Mark

42 stories

Like the Matthew volume, these stories cover Jesus’ ministry up to the beginning of His passion.

Table of Contents for Mark

Year III

The Gospel of Luke

65 stories

Like the Matthew volume, some sections of Luke’s gospel are covered in the Church Year volume or the Catechism volume.

Table of Contents for Luke

Additional Stories

The Gospel of John

37 narratives (13 of which are stories)

Table of Contents for John

Additional Stories

The Book of Acts

54 stories

Table of Contents for Acts



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