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In Christ

In Christ:
The Collected Works of David P. Scaer
Volume I: Sermons

456-page hard-bound volume
published in 2004

Dr. Scaer is one of the most significant voices in confessional Lutheran theology and practice in our time.  Like Luther, Dr Scaer’s theological and scholarly endeavors are motivated chiefly out of the pastoral concern for bringing Christ to the sinner and the sinner to Christ.  It is fitting therefore, that our first volume be devoted entirely to sermons preached by Dr. Scaer over the course of 30 years.  The 101 sermons included in this volume cover the span of the church year, including feast days and special occasions.  The book is suitable for laymen and pastors.

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In Christ:
The Collected Works of David P. Scaer
Volume II: Popular Articles

303-page hardbound volume
published in 2008

This volume features articles and essays that were previously published in various theological journals or presented at various conferences.  The chapter divisions are
Christ and His Person
Christ and His Work
Christ and His Scriptures
Christ and His Church
Christ and His Ministers
Christ and His Divine Service
Christ and His Supper
Christ and His Baptism
Christ and His World
Christ and His Future

Also included is a bibliography of all Dr. Scaer’s writings from the beginning of his ministry until the publication of this book.

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