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Bible Stories — Old Testament

Three volumes

For another option for Old Testament stories,
consider also Old Testament Catechesis 
by Pastor Bender.


Bible Stories for Daily Prayer

by Karl F. Fabrizius

available in 3-ring binders

Year I



the Giving of the Law on Mt Sinai

85 stories covering Genesis
and the first half of Exodus

published 2005

These stories particularly emphasize the faithfulness of the Lord to His promises of salvation.  The theme of justification by faith in God’s promises runs throughout the stories and meditations of this volume.   In these stories we find many allusions to the Holy Trinity in the Old Testament.  We see the presence of the Christ throughout these stories, as well as how God has acted sacramentally through all of history.

Table of Contents for OT Year I



Year II

The Giving of the Law


the Establishing of the Monarchy

90 stories
Exodus through 1 Samuel

published 2006

These stories emphasize the purpose of the Law in preparing for the coming of the Christ, and the presence of the Lord throughout the Old Testament for the salvation of His people.  We see the ceremonial law, the liturgy, the tabernacle, the ark, the sacrifices, and how all these things are about Jesus and His mercy.  The stories in this volume illustrate the pattern of Israel’s life: a continuous cycle of falling into sin and rebellion, the call to repentance and faith, and the bestowal of the Lord’s forgiveness and renewing mercy.

Table of Contents for OT Year II

Year III

The Monarchy


the Return of the Exiles

98 stories
1 Samuel to the stories in Ezra and Nehemiah

published 2006

These stories emphasize the kingdom of Christ, which is prefigured in the reign of King David.  But David and his sons could not establish an eternal kingdom.  The people struggled with idolatry, and the Lord sent prophets to call them back to Himself.  Impenitence led to destruction.  But the kingdom of God continued to reside, as it always does, in the hearts of the Lord’s faithful.

Table of Contents OT Year III



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