Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

Lutheran Catechesis

Catechist and Catechumen editions


Lutheran Catechesis
Catechumen Edition

A Guide to Catechesis for the Lutheran Catechumen and Family
by Peter C. Bender
380 pages printed on 8½” by 11” paper and soft-cover bound.

For every family.
For youth and adult catechumens.

~ 24 lessons, each with a Bible story, a catechism section, and a section on the liturgy
~ 204 catechism terms
~ how to pray the catechism
~ quotations from Lutheran Service Book and Concordia: Book of Concord

Item #LCAT02
First edition published in 1999.
Second edition published in 2008.

Table of Contents for Catechumen edition
Foreword (especially about how this involves a change of thinking about catechesis and education)
Sample lesson
Sample terms

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Lutheran Catechesis
Catechist Edition

A Comprehensive Guide to Catechesis for a Lutheran Congregation
by Peter C. Bender
584 pages printed on 8½” by 11” paper and hard-cover bound.


The catechist edition contains the entire Lutheran Catechesis, Catechumen Edition.
~ notes on the text of the six chief parts of Luther’s Small Catechism
~ commentary on each of the Bible Verses for Meditation
~ a section on vocation and the Table of Duties
~ Learn-by-Heart schedules
~ a Scripture index for the book

Item #LCAT01
First edition published in 1999.
Second edition published in 2011.

Table of Contents for Catechist edition
Sample lesson (Notice that the entire content of Lesson 1 from the catechumen edition is included in Lesson 1 of the catechist’s edition. The additional material for the catechist is in red ink or is on a page with a red footer.)

Available as a Kindle ebook

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