Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

2024 CCA Symposium

June 19-21, 2024

Christ and Culture:
Catechesis on the Apostles’ Creed

Our June symposia series will continue this year with catechesis on the Apostles’ Creed. Utilizing the Holy Scriptures and Luther’s Small Catechism, our presenters will catechize laity and pastors alike through a series of sermons, lectures, and catechetical preaching on the major themes of the Creed, and Luther’s explanations. Example catechesis gives laity and pastors a fresh look at the Catechism, how we teach, and how we use it in the daily life of the church and the Christian home. What are the challenges facing Christians and the Church from a culture that is hostile to Christianity, and how do we address these challenges from the Word of God and the Small Catechism? How does the Gospel shape our understanding of what it is to be human, of the institution of marriage and family as God ordained them, of Christian vocation, and of how we confess Christ in contemporary society and culture through the lives that God has called us to live?

Join us for the twenty-ninth annual symposium on catechesis:
Christ and Culture: Catechesis on the Apostles’ Creed.
Wednesday through Friday, June 19-21, 2024.
For more information, visit or the CCA page of Peace Lutheran Church in Sussex WI.

In Christ,
Pastor Peter C. Bender
President of the Concordia Catechetical Academy



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Hotel information for 2024

Area restaurants, updated April 2024
          Sussex area
          Pewaukee area, between Peace and the Best Western and other hotels
          Delafield area, near the hotels by Hwy 83


Dates for future symposia:  CCA symposium has traditionally been held on the third Thursday of June (and the Wednesday before and Friday after).  







Rev. Peter C. Bender
Senior Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church and Academy
President of the Concordia Catechetical Academy
Sussex, Wisconsin

Rev. Dr. Geoffrey R. Boyle
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions
Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rev. Dr. Jon S. Bruss
Associate Professer of Systematic Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rev. Dr. Alfonso O. Espinosa
Senior Pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Irvine, California
Chairman of the Board for National Mission of the LCMS

Rev. Dr. Karl F. Fabrizius
Pastor Emeritus
Associate Editor of Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy
Greendale, Wisconsin