Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

2017 CCA Symposium

Confessing Christ in a Hostile Word: Catechesis under the Second Article of the Creed

June 14-16, 2017

The symposium will be held jointly at Peace, W240 N6145 Maple Avenue, Sussex, and Country Springs Hotel, Waukesha, on June 14–16.  Further information is available at the links below, or call Rev. Gary Gehlbach at 262-246-3200.   The Concordia Catechetical Academy (CCA) is an auxiliary organization of Peace, Sussex, dedicated to the promotion of Luther’s Small Catechism and faithful Lutheran catechesis.

The schedule  for this year’s symposium.       The registration form.       Information on hotel reservations.

CD recordings of past symposia.

2018 symposium dates are June 20-22.


Special Occasion for 2017 Symposium

Commemorating the release of Christ for Us, a festschrift of catechism sermons by Rev. Rolf D. Preus.




Rev. Rolf D. Preus

and his sons
Rev. David R. Preus
Rev. Paul O. S. Preus
Rev. John C. Preus
Rev. Mark A. Preus
Rev. Stephen K. Preus
Rev. Christian A. Preus
Rev. Andrew J. Preus
Rev. James A. O. Preus