Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

Electronic Books

The CCA is pleased to make the following items available in electronic format.  To purchase please click on the links below.

Lutheran Catechesis, Catechist Edition  -   ePub book (ipad or Nook)            Kindle version

Lutheran Catechesis, Catechumen Edition  -   ePub book (iPad or Nook)      Kindle version


Old Testament Catechesis, Catechist Edition  –   ePub book (iPad or Nook)     Kindle version

Old Testament Catechesis, Catechumen Edition  –   ePub book (iPad or Nook)    Kindle Version


New Testament Catechesis, Catechist Edition  -  ePub book (iPad or Nook)        Kindle Version

New Testament Catechesis, Catechumen Edition  -   ePub book (iPad or Nook)     Kindle Version


Christ for Us: Catechism Sermons of Rolf D. Preus  -   ePub book (iPad or Nook)     Kindle Version