Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin


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2017 — Confessing Christ in a Hostile World
17-0       Preuses                Teaching the Faith at Home
17-1       Preus CA              Confessing Christ in a Post-Modern Context
17-2       Preus AJ              The Vicarious Satisfaction in Light of  Current Antinomian Debates
17-3       Preus SK              Sanctification in the Second Article: Serving Christ
17-4       Preus JC               Christ as Husband and Father
17-5       Preus MA             The Church’s Song against a Hostile World
17-6       Preus DR              Confessing Christ in Latin America
17-7       Preus RD              Preaching and Confessing
17-8       various                 Sermons from symposium services

2016 — Keeping Our Children in the Faith
16-0       Bender P              The Task of Catechesis and the Lutheran  Catechesis Series
16-1       Stuckwisch           Steadfast in His Word and Faith until We Die: How the Head of the Household Teaches His Children to Pray and Confess
16-2       Eckardt BF           The Liturgy Is for Children
16-3       Fabrizius K           Biblical Families: What’s the Portrait?
16-4       Lane J                    “We Believe in one holy, catholic, apostolic Church”—Treating our children as if theyare saints, because that’s who they are!
16-5       Bender P               The Broken Heart of a Christian Parent
16-6       Panel                     Discussion on keeping our children in the  faith
2015 — Pastoral Care for the Shepherd and His Sheep
15-0       Bender P              Toward the Regular Congregational Practice of Individual Confession and Absolution
15-1       Bender P               Stating the Problem: The Need for Pastoral Care
15-2       Pless J                   Luther’s Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio as the Shape of Pastoral Care for Pastors
15-3       Eckardt BF          “Every Day Will I Bless Thee”: The Divine Influence of the Psalms on Jesus’ Pastors and Their Sheep
15-4       Resch R                 Pastoral Care for the Shepherd and His  Sheep: Singing through Sadness and  Gladness
15-5       Wolfmueller         Absolved and Absolving: The Comforted Conscience as the Goal and Context of Pastoral Care
15-6       Panel                     Discussion of pastoral care for the shepherd and his sheep
 2014 — “Lord, Teach Us to Pray” — Catechesis on the Lord’s Prayer
14-1       Stuckwisch          Hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come
14-2       Engebretson       Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
14-3       Berg J M             Give us this day our daily bread
14-4       Preus RD             And forgive us our trespasses
14-5       Bender P              And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil
14-6       Panel                     Discussion on prayer
2013 — Catechesis and Contemporary Challenges to the Christian Faith
13-0       Bender/May       Workshop on A Singing Congregation
13-1       Ehlke RC               The Decline of Western Civilization and the Church’s Response
13-2       Wenthe D             The Christian Vision of Humanity: The Beauty of Truth and the Truth of Beauty
13-3       Jastram N            A Handbook on Biblical Homosexuality
13-4       Fisk J                     How American Christianity Got So BROKEN and What the Catechist Ought to Do About It
13-5       Bender P               A Troubled Conscience and the Sufficiency of God’s Grace
13-6       Panel                     Panel Discussion on Contemporary Challenges to the Christian Faith
2012 — Christology and the Catechism
12-0       Bender P               Workshop on Lutheran Catechesis
12-1       Preus RD               Knowing Who Jesus Is by What Jesus Does
12-2       Fabrizius K           Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament
12-3       Eckardt BF           The Christology of the Divine Liturgy
12-4       Scaer D                 The Christology of Luther’s Small Catechism
12-5       Fisk J                     “Crucified, Dead, and Buried” — The Chiasm of the Cross as the Structural Heart of the Small Catechism Faith
12-6       various                   Panel discussion

2011 — The Third Article
11-0       Bender/Stuckwisch         Workshop on Private Confession  and Absolution
11-1       Bender P               Jesus’ Catechesis on the Ministry of the Holy Spirit (and The CCA after 18 Years)
11-2       Esget C                 The Holy Spirit Is Always the Spirit of Christ
11-3       Stuckwisch          The Forgiveness of Sins: The Breath of the Spirit
11-4       Scaer P                 I Believe and Don’t in the Holy Christian Church
11-5       Taylor D               I Believe What We Believe: Confessing the Church
11-6       various                 Panel Discussion
2010 — The First Article
10-1       Stuckwisch          The Fatherhood of God
10-2       Preus RD             Christ and Creation
10-3       Bender P             Sample Catechesis: Creation and the Fall:  Catechesis on Genesis 1-3
10-4       Bender P             Atheism, Evolution, and the Christian Faith and Life
10-5       Menuge A           Made in the Image of God: A Defense
10-6       various                Panel discussion
2009 — The Liturgy as Catechesis
09-0       Bender P             How catechumens are taught the Church’s  liturgy and use of the hymnal
09-1       Bender P             What Is the Divine Liturgy? Theses on Worship: Comparing “Traditional” and “Contemporary”
09-2       Stuckwisch          The Divine Liturgy: Is It Necessary for Faith and Life?
09-3       Johnson S            Music as Catechesis: Solutions for Our Time
09-4       Eckardt/Petersen    Open Forum with Gottesdienst:  The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy
09-5       Grime P                Contemporary Worship: Challenges for Us or a Challenge to Us?
09-6       Panel                     Discussion of the liturgy as catechesis

2008 — The Sanctity of Life
08-0       Bender P              DVD presentation of sample catechesis
08-1       Bender P               Sample Catechesis: Fifth Commandment  Basics: Cain and Abel and the “Murder of  God”
08-2       Malysz P              Humanity in the Image of God
08-3       Voss K                  The Future of Medicine: Human Embryonic  Stem Cell Research?
08-4       Eyer R                  The Theology of the Cross and End-of-Life Decision Making
08-5       Voss K                  Christian Approaches to Contraception and an Excursis on Fertility Issues
08-6       Harrison M         Sample Catechesis: “Help and support him in every physical need”:  Christian Mercy Flows from Faith in Christ
08-8       Panel                    Discussion of life issues
2007 — Why Being Lutheran Matters
07-0       Bender P             Workshop on Lutheran Catechesis
07-1       Feuerhahn R       Being Lutheran, What Matters: Gospel, Justification, Faith, Doctrine, …
07-2       Forss E                 The Holy Spirit’s Worship Is Inseparable  from His Work:  Rooting the Lutheran Confession of the Church in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
07-3       Petersen D          A New Twist on the Theology of Glory and  the Endless Quest for Pure Doctrine
07-4       Bender P             The Church of Cain and Abel: Encouragement from the Old and New Testament Church
07-5       Collver A             Never Despair!  The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail
07-6       various                Panel Discussion
2006 — God’s Gift of Sexuality and Marriage
06-1       Preus RD              Basic Catechesis on the Sixth Commandment
06-2       Bender P              God’s Gift of Marriage and Sexuality: What is it for? Pre-Marital Catechesis on the Rite of Holy Matrimony
06-3       Stuckwisch          Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Kingdom of God: Catechesis on 1 Corinthians 7
06-4       Eckardt BF          Spiritual Intimacy through Baptism, Prayer, and the Lord’s Supper
06-5       Bender P              The Ministry of Pastoral Care and Private Absolution for Those Who Have Sinned Against the Sixth Commandment
06-6       Preus RD              The Vocation of Christian Marriage and  Family
2005 — Parents and the Task of Catechesis
05-0       Bender P             Workshop on Lutheran Catechesis series: Establishing a Culture of Catechesis and Prayer in the Congregation
05-1       Just A                    Can There Be a Lutheran Catechumenate?  What the New Testament and the Fathers Have to Teach Us
05-2       Preus Daniel       How My Father Taught Me the Faith
05-3       Stuckwisch          How We Teach Our Children to Know Our Father in Heaven — Jesus’ Catechesis on the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11)
05-4       Fabrizius K           Freedom in the Midst of Vanity — Comfort  and Counsel for Christian Parents
05-5       Bender P              “95 Theses for Christian Parents” (Well, Not Quite) — Implications of the Fourth Commandment for Fathers and Mothers
05-6       Panel                     Discussion of the relationship of the Office  of the Ministry to Christian parents, and answering many practical questions
2004 — The Ten Commandments
04-1       Arand C                Christ, the Catechism, and the Law
04-2       Stuckwisch          Sample Catechesis: Christ Is the Fulfillment of the Law in Faith and Love — Jesus Catechizes the Rich Young Ruler
04-3       Kuhlman B          Sample Catechesis: The First Commandment — “You shall have no other gods”
04-4       Eckardt BF          Sample Catechesis: The Second Commandment — “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God”
04-5       Preus Klemet      Sample Catechesis: The Third Commandment — “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy”
04-6       Bender P              Christian Vocation — An Extension of the First Commandment


2003 — The Sacrament of the Altar
03-1       Scaer D                 “Unless You Eat the Flesh of the Son of Man”: John 6 Resolved
03-2       Stuckwisch          Sample Catechesis: “What is the Sacrament of the Altar?” The Old Testament Passover and the New Testament in His Blood
03-3       Koch A                  Sample Catechesis: “What is the benefit of this eating and drinking?”  The Feeding of the Five Thousand
03-4       Fabrizius K          Sample Catechesis: “How can bodily eating and drinking do such great things?”  Our Lord’s Catechesis on the Sacrament of the Altar
03-5       Bender P             “Who receives this Sacrament worthily?” Closed Communion: Its Theology and Practice
03-6       Panel                     Discussion on the Sacrament of the Altar
2002 — Holy Baptism and Confirmation
02-1       Burreson K          The Rite of Holy Baptism: A Theological and Historical Introduction to Luther’s Baptismal Rite Proposed for the 2007 Hymnal Project
02-2       Fabrizius K         Sample Catechesis: The Baptism of Our Lord: “What is Baptism? What benefits does Baptism give?”
02-3       Preus RD             Sample Catechesis: The Word of God in and with the Water:  “How can water do such great things?”
02-4       Stuckwisch          Sample Catechesis: The Shape of the Christian Life — The Christian’s Good Friday and Easter: “What does such baptizing with water indicate?”
02-5       Bender P             The Rite of Confirmation: An Historical and Theological Study of Confirmation in the Lutheran Church with Recommendations for the Future
02-6       Panel                    Discussion on Proposed Rites for Holy Baptism and Confirmation
2001 — The Lord’s Prayer:
The Holy Life of Faith in Christ
01-1       Bender P              Faith under Siege: The Context for Prayer in Luther’s Catechesis
01-2       Fabrizius K          A Holy Trinity of Our Fathers— The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew, Luke, and the Liturgy
01-3       Senkbeil H           Sample Catechesis: Lord Teach Us to Pray: The Introduction and the First Petition
01-4       Fenton J               Sample Catechesis: Realize and Receive with Thanksgiving:  The Fourth Petition
01-5       Bender P              Sample Catechesis: The Stilling of the Storm: The Sixth and Seventh Petitions
01-6       Wiest S                 Mouthpieces of Jesus: Christ’s Own Prayers in the Psalter through His Many Saints
2000 — How Christians Should Be Taught to Confess
00-1       Bender P             Public Preaching and Private Absolution: Is There a Difference?
00-2       Pless J                 Your Pastor Is Not a Therapist — Private Confession: The Ministry of Repentance and Faith
00-3       Bender P             Sample Catechesis: “What Is Confession?” (The Parable of the Prodigal Son)
00-4       Fenton J             Sample Catechesis: “What Sins Should We  Confess? Which Are These?”  (The Prophet Nathan Is Pastor to David)
00-5       Wiest S                Why We Are Scared to Confess: The Use  and Abuse of Private Confession Among Our Saxon Fathers
00-6       Panel                    Open Forum about Private Confession and Absolution

1999 — A Christian’s Life in This World

99-1       Rast L         The Table of Duties: How Did It Find Its Way into the Catechism?
99-2       Eckardt BF         Sample Catechesis: The Christian in the Church
99-3       Cwirla W         Sample Catechesis: The Christian in the State
99-4       Bender P         Question and Answer Open Forum on Lutheran Catechesis
99-5       Bender P         Sample Catechesis: The Christian in the Home
99-6       Hagen K         Luther on Vocation: A Response to Wingren and American Evangelicalism


1998 — Korby the Katechist

98-1       Krodel G         Luther’s Catechism in the Context of Medieval Catechetical Work
98-2       Hoger A         Bible Story and Catechetical Formation
98-3      Winger T         The Oral Use of Scriptures in Prayer and Meditation
98-4      Keller W         St. Matthew’s Teaching on the Forgiveness of Sins and Holy Absolution
98-5      Cwirla W         Catechizing Children for Private Confession and Absolution
98-6       Korby K         Episcopal Governance: Paul’s Address to the Ephesian Elders