Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

Support Materials

Term cards
The “Evangelical Language” terms and definitions are available at the end of Old Testament Catechesis, New Testament Catechesis, and Lutheran Catechesis.  For ease of study, these terms are also available on flashcards.  The Old Testament, New Testament, and Lutheran Catechesis terms are printed on 3×5″ cardstock.  The parable and miracle study cards are printed on 5½ x 8½” cardstock.

The Old Testament set has 184 term cards.
The New Testament set has 212 cards.
The Lutheran Catechesis set has 204 cards.
The parable/miracle set is 50 study cards.


Learn-by-Heart Certificates
A set of nine full-color parchment certificates.  The completion-certificates are awarded to a catechumen who has learned-by-heart the primary text and meaning of a chief part, or who has been catechized in the Old Testament or New Testament stories.  These certificates are printed on 5½ x 8½” parchment.  The completion certificate to conclude the set is on 8½ x 11” parchment.


Catechism Charts / Posters
Set of 11×17″ laminated posters of the Six Chief Parts (in the translation from the LCMS 1986 Small Catechism).  There are ten in the set.  The first four chief parts have two posters each; the final two chief parts are each one poster.  Font-size is appropriate for a small group or for family use around the dinner table.  
(While supplies last.)

CPH offers a beautiful set of posters in a larger format.


Learn-by-Heart Completion Charts
11×17″ wall charts to track catechumens’ progress on learning the chief parts by heart. 
(While supplies last.)


DVD on women’s ordination
Pastors, professors, and a deaconess discuss the historic position of the Church regarding the Office of the Holy Ministry and women’s role in church.  Only 28 minutes to lay out a clear position from Scripture.




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