Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin


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2018-2019 Congregation at Prayer Master Schedule

This is a compilation of the various Lutheran Catechesis schedules, arranged by week, for each of the 36 weeks of the 2018-2019 academic year, and the 2019 summer months, for use in putting together the Congregation at Prayer.

2018-2019 Congregation at Prayer   Master Schedule




Los Diez Mandamientos
El Credo Apostolico
La Oración del Señor o El Padrenuestro
El Bautismo
Confesión y Absolución
La Cena del Señor
Spanish transcripts of catechism topics on Issues Etc

Prefacio de Martin Lutero al Catecismo Menor
El Catecismo Menor — RVC
El Catecismo Menor de Lutero — edicin tratado —  12


Catechesis at Peace Lutheran Church (entire handout)
What is catechesis?
A Culture of Catechesis
The “Congregation at Prayer
Learn by Heart the catechism
How to learn the catechism by heart
Catechesis: Old Testament, New Testament, and Didache
Overview of Catechesis at Peace Lutheran Church
Policy for first communion and confirmation at Peace


Lutheran Catechesis Attendance Sheets, Quizzes, Discussion Exams


60-day Cycle of Praying the Psalter