Concordia Catechetical Academy
of Peace Lutheran Church—Sussex, Wisconsin

Series on Catechesis

 9-4-2018     Catechesis: What Is Catechesis?  (See handout also.)
 9-19-2018    Catechesis: Jesus the Catechist
 9-24-2018    Catechesis: The What and Why of the Catechism
 9-26-2018    Catechesis: Creating a Culture of Catechesis in the Congregation   (See handout also.)
 10-1-2018    Catechesis: First Communion and Confirmation Rites (part 1)
 10-3-2018    Catechesis: First Communion and Confirmation Rites (part 2)
 10-8-2018    Catechesis: The Rich Man and Lazarus and the First Table of the Law
 10-16-2018    Catechesis: The First Commandment, the Three Men in the Fiery Furnace, and Jesus’ Temptation
 10-26-2018    Catechesis: The Second Commandment; Daniel in the Lions’ Den
 11-1-2018    Catechesis: The Third Commandment; Mary and Martha
 11-12-2018    Catechesis: The Divine Liturgy
 11-21-2018    Catechesis: Christ Fulfills the Law; The Second Table of the Law
 11-26-2018    Catechesis: The Fourth Commandment; The Boy Jesus in the Temple
 12-3-2018    Catechesis: The Fifth Commandment; The Murder of Abel 
 12-10-2018    Catechesis: The Sixth Commandment; Joseph’s Chastity
 12-17-2018    Catechesis: The Seventh Commandment; Abraham and Lot
 1-16-2019    Catechesis: The Eighth Commandment; Joseph and His Brothers
 3-11-2019    Catechesis: The Rich Young Ruler